CITY PARK and Recreation area

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STARÁ TURÁ Slovak Republic


CITY PARK and Recreation area

STARÁ TURÁ Slovak Republic

zóna Mierová

A single-stage Landscape competition for a city park and recreation area called "Mierová" located in a small town of Stará Turá in the Trenčín Region. The proposal is one of the very first co-operation projects with an Italian/Taiwanese studio BIAS Architects & Associates. Zone Mierová was solved as a multipurpose intra-urban space literary enhancing the old socialist linear development in a delicate connection with the local stream called "Tŕstie". The Tŕstie river is forming a dynamic blue element lined with 100 years old trees creating the high natural canopy in contrast to low green elements carefully placed in the multipurpose park zone. The blue and green interaction is formed via 3 stages of landscape surface starting with dry park area continuing with transition soaked area solving the problem with potential flooding, and ending with the wet surface of the river.

Results: 8-11th place.



BIAS Architects & Associates

STUDIO Slovakia, Taiwan


Alessandro Martinelli, Hanju Chen, Jihan Kim, (project proposal)

Štefan Tkáč, Peter Tracík (consultancy & execution)